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Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) An instance of insolent behavior, treatment, or speech.
Synonyms: rudeness, cheek
Usage: Sara sassed the teacher and was given detention for her insolence.
Article of the Day

Maison du Roi

The Maison du Roi was the entourage that attended to the needs of the French royal family from the 14th to the 19th century. It was administered by the chief steward of France until the 1700s, when a ministry was organized to oversee the thousands of employees tasked with duties such as managing the king's stables, hunting for the king's meat, providing the king's food and entertainment, and attending to the king's spiritual needs. What was the Grand Panetier charged with overseeing? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Full Verbs and Auxiliary Verbs

Most verbs carry a unique semantic meaning of their own, and they do not rely on any additional predicate information to make sense. When contrasted with light verbs, these are sometimes known as "full verbs" or "heavy verbs." How do auxiliary verbs compare to light and full verbs? More...
Idiom of the Day


Agonizing; extremely distressing, unpleasant, or emotionally disturbing; having a severe effect on one's feelings. More...

This Day in History

First Electric Traffic Light Is Installed (1914)

Prior to 1914, there had been several attempts to create automobile traffic signals similar to those used by railroads, but it was only after a four-way electric signal was installed in Cleveland, Ohio, that the modern traffic light system began to take root. The signal had only two colors, green and red, but the three-color version still in use today was not far off. Besides railroad signals, what earlier application of red and green might have led to the use of these colors in traffic lights? More...
Today's Birthday

Neil Alden Armstrong (1930)

Armstrong became a pilot at 16, studied aeronautical engineering, and won three medals as a US Navy pilot in the Korean War. He became test pilot in 1955 and joined the space program in 1962. He made history in 1969, when he became the first person to walk on the Moon, a feat he famously declared "one giant leap for mankind." Though this brought him worldwide renown, he, for the most part, avoided the limelight. What unusual legal battle did he face with his barber in 2005? More...
Today's Holiday

Hanagasa Odori Matsuri (2020)

One of the largest festivals in the Tohoku region of Japan, Hanagasa Odori Matsuri is held in Yamagata on August 5-7. Thousands of dancers holding hanagasa, which are hats made out of bamboo or rush and decorated with flowers, dance through the city while spectators cheer them on. The rhythmic pulse of the hanagasa songs keeps the dancers moving together as they march down the city streets yelling "Yassho! Makasho!" and twirling their hats to the left, right, up, and down. More...
Quote of the Day
Judge the goodness of a book by the energy of the punches it has given you. I believe the greatest characteristic of genius, is, above all, force.
Gustave Flaubert
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: recipe

German chocolate - Refers to Baker's German Sweet Chocolate, German being an employee of Baker who developed the sweet chocolate in the recipe. More...

receipt - Its first meaning was "a drug made according to a recipe" or a "recipe" for making food. More...

recipe - As a verb, it was once used at the beginning of medical prescriptions and it first (in Latin) meant "take"—we are familiar with its use by physicians in the abbreviation R or Rx. More...

tollhouse cookie - Named after the Toll House in Whitman, Massachusetts, the source of the recipe. More...

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