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Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) Total lack of meaning or ideas.
Synonyms: mindlessness, pointlessness, senselessness, vacuity
Usage: My classmates' inanity forced me to seek intelligent conversation elsewhere.
Article of the Day

The Amygdalae

Nestled deep within the human brain are two almond-shaped masses of gray matter known as amygdalae. They are part of the limbic system, a group of interconnected brain structures associated with olfaction, emotion, motivation, behavior, and various autonomic functions. Though small, the amygdalae play a key role in our experience of anxiety, distress, and fear as well as the formation and storage of memories of emotional experiences. What might having enlarged amygdalae indicate about a person? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Prepositional Phrases

A prepositional phrase is made up of at least a preposition and its object, which can be a noun, pronoun, or a noun phrase. What is an adjectival prepositional phrase? More...
Idiom of the Day

in favor (with someone)

Highly regarded (by someone); widely accepted or enjoyed (by someone). Primarily heard in US. More...

This Day in History

Coca-Cola Hits the Market as a Health Tonic (1886)

At a time when soda fountains were popular in the US due to the widespread belief that carbonated water was good for the health, American pharmacist John Pemberton came up with his own formula for a health tonic. Among its ingredients were cocaine, derived from the coca leaf, and caffeine, derived from the kola nut, leading to the name Coca-Cola. It was initially sold as a patent medicine for five cents a glass. What serious ailments did Pemberton claim Coca-Cola had the power to cure? More...
Today's Birthday

William Walker (1824)

Though he was a qualified doctor, lawyer, and journalist by the time he was 24, Walker had his sights set on a more adventurous career path. In 1853, he attempted but failed to seize and govern the Mexican province of Lower California. Undeterred, he led a small band of mercenaries to Nicaragua two years later, overthrew the government, and briefly served as president before being ousted. Despite his earlier failures, he tried once more to conquer Central America in 1860. What happened? More...
Today's Holiday

Helston Flora Day (2021)

According to legend, there was a large stone that blocked off the entrance to hell. One night Satan tried to steal the stone; on his way through Cornwall, England, he was intercepted by the Archangel Michael, who forced him to drop the stone and flee. The town where he dropped it was called Helston (from Hellstone). The people of Helston continue to celebrate the Archangel's victory with the Helston Flora Day. The day's festivities include the "Furry dance," which is performed in the streets by men in top hats and women in fancy dresses, and a trip to the woods in search of flowers and leaves. More...
Quote of the Day
Long ago, before I had ever seen a diamond, I read about them and I tried to imagine what they would be like ... When I saw a real diamond in a lady's ring one day I was so disappointed I cried. Of course, it was very lovely but it wasn't my idea of a diamond.
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: trade name

trade name - A name with the status of a trademark. More...

trademark - A name, symbol, or other depiction identifying a product. The first trademarks were stamps and symbols used by ancient cultures to indicate who had made goods; a trade name is the name of the maker, not the product, but has the status of a trademark. More...

Ping-Pong - A trade name for table tennis, invented as an echoic term for the sound of the ball. More...

Sheetrock, drywall, wall board - Sheetrock is a trade name for drywall or wall board—pre-hardened plaster of Paris (gypsum) sold in large sheets and used as a wall surface in building construction. More...

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